2020 Vision Project


As of November 14, 2018, over $139,000 has been given toward the 2020 Vision project. This amounts to roughly 70% of total funds needed to complete the project.

The 2020 Vision came as we felt God was speaking a word of “hospitality” to us.  As we retooled for hospitality, we saw some areas of our facilities that we could make better.  For one, we saw a need for an easily recognizable "front door" to the church.  We have envisioned an open, bright, modern entrance that will provide a beautiful gathering space for fellowship, groups, Bible studies, and events.  Two, we saw a crumbling south parking lot.  We are tearing out and replacing that lot.  In addition, we saw the need for welcome signs on Summerfield Road to give first-time guest direction to our new entrance as well as designated guest parking spots for them to use.  Three, removing what is currently storage rooms for the new entrance augments our need for more storage.  So we are extending the south storage to the end of gymnasium with the vision for that to be a part of an administrative wing in the future.

Our vision is to begin construction on this plan to better represent the welcoming and hospitable heart of God in summer of 2020.  The estimated cost for the entire project is $200,000.  We will begin work at 60% funding.  You can be a part of helping us reach that goal by designating a gift to the 2020 fund! You can access that with the "Give" button at the top right of this page.