Junior High

We believe that Junior High is a unique age group which brings huge changes in your life. You are no longer a child in elementary school, you’re becoming more aware of the world around you, you begin to seek answers to tougher questions in your life, and you are experiencing a lot more pressures...There is a lot going on in a Junior Higher’s life, not to mention the hormone changes and all the drama that happens in Junior High!

We believe this is a key time in a young person’s life to lay foundations and build a strong relationship with God that will stick with them the rest of their lives. At the core of every Junior Higher is the desire to know 1. Who God really is, 2. Who I am created to be, and 3. What my purpose is in life. It is our mission to speak into each of these desires on a regular basis through our fun, interactive, and deep classes specifically geared towards Junior High every Sunday. We also continue to lay those foundations every Wednesday during our Emerge Youth Group time as well as through every youth retreat, small group, and fun outing that we do. Junior High is a messy, complicated, yet fun time in so many of our lives. It is our passion to teach and help our students experience in a deep way who God is, who they were created to be, and that through it all they have incredible purpose.