Watch — New Life Church

We are excited to begin live streaming our Sunday morning gatherings.  In doing so, we are also creating a video archive for later reference or review.  Now you will be able to go and sing along with that new worship song again.  You will be able to rehash that sermon; allowing the Spirit to speak to you all over again. 

This does not mean watching will be the same as attending.  We in no way want to promote a disembodied church experience.  The Church is about togetherness.  You do not get the benefit of a hug from familiar face sitting in front of a screen.  You can not have a faithful prayer partner grab your hands and agree with you in prayer while physically absent.  Most of all, you do not participate in the unique, wonderful corporate presence of God; experiencing the uplift of worshiping together and taking communion together.  We encourage everyone to continue making the corporate worship experience a priority!

I am most thrilled that this will be an introduction of who we are to future friends who are visiting our site or church.  The first impression most will get of New Life, will be our online presence.  I am happy about that presence and hopeful that these tools will bless many!